#noairneeded 2016 | NMD Release

Since adidas have a new color-way launch of their NMD model which is to happen on 26th March, the same day as Nike's #AirMaxDay... it felt like the perfect time to revisit my #noairneeded marketing concept, update it and combine it with adi's plans. This time my visuals take on adi's recent campaign branding theme with the three stripes overlaying featured text. As well as including my sneaker illustrations to highlight the new colour-way release and restock. I originally created the #noairneeded concept in March 2015, a potential response to #AirMaxDay. Since then the images went viral within the sneaker community and the # is now used by adidas fans all over Instagram. See the original project here: http://danfreebairn.co.uk/184360/6138731/portfolio/noairneeded

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